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Live Music in Underwood

Live music outdoors has been cancelled for the remainder of the summer due to regulation changes in WA.  We are still pouring for tastings, book your reservation here

We look forward to hosting music next summer! 

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Yoga Every Sunday in Underwood

Yoga on the lawn at our Underwood Tasting Room

Every Sunday from 11-12pm through July & August.

Join our amazing Yoga teacher, Kristy Kicklighter, in a gentle flow yoga session in the good old outdoors with a beautiful mountain view.  We have plenty of room to spread out to keep everyone safe while getting their yoga on.  After class, enjoy a refreshing and well earned glass of wine at our tasting room.

Reserve HERE to book your spot today! $20 per class, includes the 1 hour yoga class and a glass of our Sparkling Riesling (or another wine of your choice) after the yoga session.  Only 10 people allowed per class, so make sure to make a reservation to guarantee a spot!

Only $10 for wine club members!  Make sure you are logged into your account when reserving to receive special pricing.

Call our Underwood tasting room with any questions at #503.505.4359.





Time to Think Pink

Sure, a few wine lovers start their wine journey at age ten at their parent’s dinner table with an ounce of Sancerre to pair with the steamed mussels.  However, most of us started out at sixteen at a friend’s house with something like Sutter Home White Zinfandel sipped from a coffee mug.  It tasted alright. It did the job. As our sweet tooth switched to a preference for potato chips, so did our wine of choice evolve in to something less cloying.  Soon we turned up our noses at beginner wines in favor of a Pinot Gris, then an oaky Chardonnay, until finally, as “grown ups” we demanded BIG. BOLD.  RED. Teeth staining, pallet ripping, take-no-prisoner wines that shouted: drink drink drink me! Until our tongues turned to leather and four aspirin couldn’t quiet the morning-after head pounding.

Surely there must be more to wine than the buzz; wines that whisper and delight, wines a white wine lover can enjoy with a red-wine loving friend.  Something subtle, flavorful, charming, quiet, soft, reasonable.

Enter dry Rosé.  The red wine drinkers white wine.  The white wine made from red grapes.  Done dry (without any noticeable sugar) a dry rose speaks, quietly, of spring, of summer nights;  a wine delicious with cheese and strawberries, delicious with a medium rare filet mignon. Or, tasty all by its lonesome.

Real rosé isn’t baby stuff, it’s not a liquid Pop Tart.  France makes gorgeous rosé out of Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cinsault, Syrah.  So does Italy. So does Spain.

And so do we.

Hawkins doesn’t make a lot of any wine.  We make wine we love and we love Rosé and so we make just a few barrels of it, carefully.  There are two ways to make pink wine. The first method is known as Saignée, which is basically a by-product of making red wine by pulling the juice out of the fermenter after a day or two on the skins, with the goal of trying to “concentrate” the red wine (this is extremely common with lighter bodied reds such as Pinot Noir). This style of rosé tends to be more concentrated, with darker color and riper flavors (think raspberry and blackberry). 

Why do we avoid making this style of Rosé?. For one, saignée rosé tends to be higher alcohol.  After all, the winemaker has harvested the fruit with red wine in mind.  There is a basis for the term “rosé all day.”  The spirit of rosé is that you can sit on your porch with a friend and knock back a bottle, without feeling like someone slipped you an Ambien.

For us, Rosé is not an afterthought in the winemaking process. Unlike the Saignée style of making Rosé, the preferred style by winemakers in places like Provence, and by yours truly, is by direct press maceration.  It is a technique that is intentional and stylistically purposeful.   We take extremely high quality red grapes that are specifically targeted for Rosé production, and make pink wine by dumping the grapes directly into the press, letting it sit for a few hours on the skins to pick up some color, and then gently pressing the juice off the skins. We then ferment the wine until dry (no residual sugar) and rack the wine off of the lees before bottling. Pink wine made from this method tend to be lighter, as the fruit was specifically targeted for white wine production, and therefore (generally speaking) lower alcohol.

Our Willamette Valley Rosé comes from the gorgeous Stormy Morning Vineyard in Banks, Oregon.  While we could make more money turning the pinot noir from this vineyard in to, well, Pinot Noir instead of Rosé – our love for pink wine is such that we just can’t resist the temptation to treat ourselves, and you, to spring, to sunshine, in a glass.  Our 2019 Stormy Morning Rosé is available now either at our tasting rooms, or at our website .

— Written by Thane Hawkins and Holly Evans-White

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Wine Tasting Details

Reserve Now

We are open for Wine Tastings!  Reservations are required.  Max group size of 5 people.

Please review prior to your visit

We’re thrilled to be uncorking bottles and sharing our wine with our guests again!  For the health of our staff and all guests, we ask that you maintain social distance of at least 6 feet with guests outside of your group and with our staff while at our tasting room, and a mask is required at all times you are not seated at your table.  Group size is limited to max of 5 people per group.  #stopthespread

Reopening Policies
Seating is very limited and no bar tastings are allowed. Your reservation will confirm a table at a safe distance from other guests.

Our staff will be wearing face masks and it is now required by WA & OR state that you do as well. Please wear a cloth face covering anytime they are not seated at your table.  We also ask that only one person from your party checks in with our staff arrival and please remain seated at your table as much as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email.

Wine and Flight Details

We offer a flight of 3 wines, choose either a red flight or a white flight for $10/tasting (waived with 2 bottle purchase).  Try both the red and white flight for $20.00 (waived with 3 bottle purchase). Sip wine by the glass or purchase a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy onsite.  You are welcome to bring in your own glass if you prefer.

Time Allotted for Each Reservation

We ask that you keep your time at Hawkins to about 1 hour so we can follow regulations and allow for other groups to come in and experience our wines. However, if there are no reservations coming in after you, you are welcome to stay as long as you like until closing at 6pm.

Click HERE to reserve your spot today!

Sip Prepared:

  1. Bring your own mask.  A mask is required every time you leave your seat or when inside the tasting room or bathroom.
  2. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather as most of our tables are outside. We have fire pits and a few propane heaters available in the Gorge, and you are welcome to bring your own blankets to stay comfortable.
  3. Stay with your group and seated at your table as much as possible during your tasting.  If you do get up from your seat, be sure to wear your mask and maintain a 6 foot distance from other guests and staff.

Picnic Options

UNDERWOOD LOCATION:  We offer picnic baskets of pre-packaged savory goods that can be purchased during your tasting.  Our regular sized basket includes 2 cheeses, 1 salami, crackers, and chocolate. We will provide a cutting board,  knife, and paper plates and napkins.  Bring in your own picnic if you prefer; however, we ask that whatever you pack in, you pack out. 

DUNDEE LOCATION:  You are welcome to bring in your own picnic if you would like, we ask that whatever you pack in, you pack out.

Thank you for helping keep us and our guests safe so we can remain open, and we look forward to seeing you soon! 

Reserve Now

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COVID-19 info & hours

Curbside pick up and Reserved Tastings in Dundee:

Friday to Sunday, 12 – 5 pm.  

Reserve your spot online HERE or please call 503-554-9885 to make a reservation.   

Curbside pick up and Reserved Tastings in Underwood:

Thursday to Sunday, 12 – 6 pm.    

Reserve your spot online HERE or please call 503-505-4359 to make a reservation.   


Local delivery included with wine purchase!

FREE HOME DELIVERY with a purchase of 6+ bottles. Available for anyone located from Salem to Metro PDX/Vancouver and to the Gorge. Shop Here and get ready to pop open some bottles! An adult 21+ older must be present at delivery.

*SELECT “LOCAL DELIVERY” in the shipping options when checking out at our webstore, and we will be in contact with you for delivery times. WE WILL DELIVER WITHIN ONE WEEK OF PURCHASE!

Not local? No Worries!

Order our wines online and we will ship it right to your door. For wine to OR, WA, CA, MN, FL & D.C.  Order here.

For all other states: Order here. Call Casandra with any questions about purchases at 503-505-4359

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Washington’s Frontier Winemakers Are Forging the Next Willamette Valley

Underwood Mountain rises into view on the Washington side of one of the Pacific Northwest’s most iconic landscapes: the Columbia River Gorge, a playground for windsurfers, hikers, skiers, and those in search of one of the prettiest drives in America.


If Thane Hawkins has his way, this mountain and gorge will soon be as big a draw for another kind of activity: wine tasting. He’s so convinced he’s started growing grapes on Underwood Mountain. Last fall, his Hawkins Cellars winery opened a tasting room and patio in Underwood with epic views of Mount Hood. If he and a handful of neighbors succeed, they’ll put an otherwise obscure region on the map, and offer a welcome respite to the often traffic-choked interstates that deliver wine lovers from Portland to the Willamette Valley. But wine is a competitive business, and finding a way to rise above the noise won’t be easy.


The Columbia Gorge American Viticultural Area is about 4,500 acres, while Oregon’s more famous growing region, the Willamette Valley, covers 3.3 million acres and contains six sub-appellations. The Gorge straddles both Oregon and Washington, with a wide variety of terroir relative to its size.


“People don’t immediately think of this as a growing region,” Hawkins says. “This is one of the few areas that has yet to be really discovered, both from a winemaking and a wine-growing perspective.” The range of microclimates in the Gorge makes a case for Underwood Mountain to be its own AVA, Hawkins says.  “We have a harsher climate with a shorter growing season on Underwood Mountain, and the fruit doesn’t ripen without a strong human element. But 30 miles away, they’re ripening Zinfandel,” Hawkins says. “The slam dunk would be for Underwood Mountain to be its own AVA.”


Hawkins is a newcomer to Underwood; he and his business partner Debra Michelson started growing grapes here in 2013.   See the full article on VINEPAIR by (Published: January 4, 2018).

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The Columbia Gorge: A World to Explore Near Hood River, Oregon

What awaits you in Underwood?

Hood River Oregon Wine Store Hawkins Cellars

Our Underwood tasting room is located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, one of the many wineries located on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge AVA.  From here, you can enjoy all the outdoor activities in the Gorge:  hiking and exploring the famous “Waterfall Alley” in the Gorge, whitewater rafting, fishing, mountain biking and, of course, windsurfing and kite boarding!  The charming towns of White Salmon, Stevenson, and Hood River offer an array of restaurants, brew pubs, shopping and art galleries. Sip and stay!  The Hood River area has many lodging options, including vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts and hotels.  The beautiful Skamania Lodge is less than 30 minutes from Underwood Mountain.

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The Gorge Magazine – Fall 2018

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