Wine Your Way with Club Cuvée

The term Cuvée is a general designation signifying a special blend of grapes or juice that are hand selected for a particular high quality batch of wine. We thought that this term perfectly describes what our wine club offers customers: a choice of high quality wines that our members get to customize or “hand select” themselves.

So you really don’t care for Pinot Noir? Fine, go to the website, login, and customize your order to only include Cab and Syrah. You get the idea. Club Cuvée is about variety and choice, and choice is what you will have. Freedom is the power to choose!

Find out more about how the wine club works here.

Membership Benefits

  • 20% off all wine purchases
  • Free to sign up!
  • Two events exclusively for wine club members and guests per year
  • Access to Library Wines
  • Access to New Releases prior to release to the public
  • Choice of variety of wines to receive based upon Club level
  • Free entry to tastings and other events

Please note: Due to weather shipment dates are subject to change. Approximate shipment dates are March 1st, June 1st, and October 1st. Keep in mind that due to draconian three tier laws regarding shipping alcohol, we cannot ship to all states. If you are unsure whether we can ship to your state, please check our purchasing section.

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