Explore the Gorge

Explore the Gorge

Underwood Mountain Intrepid Explorer’s List

Top Gorge Activities on the Washington side of the Gorge

Everybody knows that recreating in the Gorge is world class.  However, a lion’s share of the attention is largely focused on the Oregon side.  And while Multnomah Falls and “waterfall alley” get deserved attention, we feel like the Washington side is vastly under-appreciated.  So if you want to escape the crowded trailheads and brew pubs on the Oregon side of the river, scroll down and explore these largely hidden gems, all just a relative stone’s throw from our Underwood Mountain tasting room!

1. Hike to the spectacular Falls Creek Falls (outside the town of Carson)

2. Canoe at the Disappearing Lake (Underwoood, WA)

3. White Water Rafting on the White Salmon River (Husum, WA)

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