Red Mountain AVA

Red Mountain AVA

We source most of our Rhone varietals from in and around the Red Mountain region. At 4040 acres (1,635 hectares), Red Mountain is the smallest wine-grape growing region in Washington, but produces some of the best-regarded grapes in the State, especially for bigger red varietals.

The small geographic region that comprises the Red Mountain AVA was formed by the repeated ice-age flooding of Glacial Lake Missoula over 10,000 years ago. The flood waters redesigned the landscape, configuring the soft mountain slopes and depositing nutrient rich top soils over sand, silt and gravel.

The high alkalinity and calcium carbonate content of the soil, along with its granular consistency, allows for each vine to form a well-established root system. In soils with this composition, root systems are able to reach deep to obtain the necessary nutrients and moisture, despite an absence of water due to the Cascade Mountain rain shadow.

Steady winds and a elevation of between 800 and 1400 feet give Red Mountain the advantage of having relatively cool evenings, allowing the fruit to retain acidity needed to produce balanced wines.

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